I am so happy and proud that we have decided to bring back a classic and time-honored JLB event, the Bargain Bonanza!  So many of our members, sustainers, and community members recall the previous Bargain Bonanza events as well as the Bargain Box that brought much fundraising success to our league.  I know that by working together toward our common goal, we can make this event a massive success and one to remember!

Our provisional class is off to a phenomenal start!  We have 18 amazing ladies who are eager and ready to join our league, and we absolutely could not be happier to have them!  They are already planning great things themselves and working on the Hidden Closet project this month!  Way to hit the ground running ladies!  From all of us actives and sustainers, welcome, and we can’t wait to work with you on our projects this year and in the future.

Our members are currently working on a Capital Campaign that is sure to be a great success.  They have been working diligently on a letter to send out to community businesses who may be willing to help us fund our signature project.  This is another fantastic way to help us meet our goals and to educate the community on what JLB does and who we are!   
On Saturday, September 22, JLB set up a tent at the Rhythm and Roots Children’s Day event.  We accepted book donations, showcased our Little Free Library locations, and provided a comfy reading area for children.  A fantastic time was had by all!

Coming up on October 18, we have our Sustainer social event at the home of Ruth King.  Our Sustainer Outreach Committee has been planning this event for quite some time, and I hope to see a great turnout of Provisionals, Actives, and Sustainers.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and gaining valuable knowledge from our treasured Sustainers. 

It is shaping up to be a fantastic year!  I am excited to see us all come together and meet our goals of improving our community.

President's Perspective

A message from Ashley Stiltner

The league year is now in full swing, and I couldn’t be more excited!  As a league we are working hard to honor our past while improving our future.  We have started off strong with two amazing general meetings.  We have so many exciting things to look forward to! 

Our first general meeting was fun, social, and also productive with us voting on our signature project for this year which is the addition of sensory friendly boards to the playground at Sugar Hollow Park.  We then had a robust and valuable discussion regarding our budget and fundraising options.  Our second general meeting was held at the lovely home of Katy Hamilton’s mother, Connie.  We enjoyed great food, conversation, and ironed out the details of our upcoming events.